× PKG'S Settings Help


You can find the IP of your PS4 in:
Settings(on the PS4) ==> System ==> System Information


You can use your own packages by creating a file like this,
hosting it as an API(CORS-enabled) on a platform like myjson
and entering the direct link to the file into the pkglink-field at the settings-page.
The required information for each pkg is the titleid, contentid, the package type(game, patch, ac, theme), the name,
a direct link to an icon, and a direct download link or multiple direct download links for the fpkg file.
titleid, contentid, icon and type can often be found by using ps4database.io and PS4PKGViewer.


If you click on a package and it is only showing the picture, the device accessing the website isnt able to communicate with your PS4!

Sometimes two pkgs share the same contentid which means that one will delete the other when you install it.

Early versions of the remote pkg installer are not compatible with this website due to CORS.

The PS4 and the device accessing this Page have to be on the same network!

If there are no packages showing up, something is likely wrong with your pkglink!
You need to install the remote package installer on your PS4 and have it running while using this Website!
You need to run this payload on your PS4 everytime before using this Page.


The Downloadspeed is terrible sometimes due to high traffic which exhausts the server Bandwidth.
If anybody is willing to donate some reliable and fast hosting, please contact me.


If you have criticism, Trouble using this Website or want to supply PKG's (no piracy), feel free to contact me on twitter @TOXXIC_407


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kevalpatel2106: snake (source)
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awesome inc u: Pong (source)
Sinclair Target: Space Invaders
Silica: A GameMaker: Studio Game, An Untitled Story, Street Racing, CreeperDiver, Deltarune
dragonsurfer: DOSBox 0.74
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